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Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.

About the Founder - Raja Gopaal Iyer

Founder & CEO of Raj Hospitality, Mr. Raja Gopaal Iyer has been awarded with the Honorary Doctorate. In the Field of Hospitality Industry with Specialization in Business Administration.

list of achievement Awards, Raj Hospitality Indian Virtual University Award, Raj Gopaal Iyer
The Doctorate was awarded by Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education on 14th June 2014 in the Ceremony conducted at Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, Bangalore.

A recognized Hospitality Leader known for crafting the strategic Vision to achieve the Business goal. He is Unique in Team Building, Hospitality Development and operational Improvement in Hospitality sector. As a Founder of Raj Hospitality and Executive Director of LA Classic, he has built substantial improvement to the service delivery, Standardization and business systems performance. In addition he has effectively raised the visibility of the brand La Classic in the crowded market place.Raja Gopaal Iyer, having 32years of Strong Experience in Hospitality sector, graduated in Commerce, and Catering Diploma from PUSA in Delhi and an MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University.

He started his carrier with Oberoi group of Hotels and after 3years moved on to Taj Group hotels for Six Years. During his career in Kodikanal, Mr. Raj helped to design and Develop few hotels with quality and improved standards. Although he helped few hotels for the quality standards, he made himself involve in Designing the Restaurants, Lobby, & Kitchen for many hotels.Mr.Iyer worked in Green Park Kottayam for two years and later took over as Consultant and General Manager for complete revamp of the property. Followed by Hotel Sangam in Trichy as a General Manager. Immediately after departure from Sangam he took over the Kodai International as the Vice President in 1996.Further he worked with UDS (Uday samudra) in order to promote Kerala beaches with other beach destinations in India.Mr.Raja Gopaal Iyer was the Secretary of south Kerala Hoteliers Forum. He formed a non-profitable organization called GUDS for Udaya Samudra and completed 100 activities in the last 3years related with the social commitments.

About the Raj Hospitality Management Consultants (RHMC)

Raj Hospitality Management Consultants (RHMC) is a pioneering entrepreneurial Venture in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Our objective is to create a unique brand value and also enhance business strategies in achieving the desired results. In effect we make your hospitality business a stand-alone project in the already competitive crowded market. Our participation is in directly involving ourselves in the business along with the owners in ensuring our effort will give maximum ROI. We comprehend fully the expectations and requirements of the investor in eradicating the element of risks in their venture.

Why RHMC Simple. We have over 4 brands and our objective is to be the first choice Indian brand to travellers both domestic and international, amongst the top 3 of the largest 12 markets in the country, and a global brand portfolio with measurable performance. While RHMC focuses primarily on franchising and management contracts, we think like owners because we operate hotels as well. We stay focused on the right areas: strong operations, brand relevance, strategic growth, and an aligned organization that stands out in the burgeoning domestic market. Our success is built upon our commitment to matching owners with the right brands in the correct markets. The first step in developing a hotel with RHMC is submitting your information to the Development Team. The members of this team are your guides and will acquaint you with key performance metrics and our operations, and will give you intimate knowledge of our brands to help you decide which flag to fly. Each Director is an expert in their markets and can discuss availability and feasibility with you.

Raj Hospitality’s Goals & Objectives

Our prime objectives are on focusing on the quality of the hotel and standard of services, which is the most important, and we do not compromise on that. We keep educating the owners of our properties to focus on that and the business will come sure as the guest experiencing something good will give you ten more new guests. But if that is not focused then your profit start coming down. The profit is surely satisfied and repeated clienteles.

Our brand value will be based on our services and that extra mile is what we do to make the customer happy.

The most important is that we believe in Developing our talents and give phenomenal customer care to our clients. We drive our team towards increasing revenue reducing the cost. And Deliver results to the hotel owners.

    We have our own eight Strategic goals and Objectives:

  • The first type of strategic goal affects market standing, "to get 10 more hotels under our umbrella in India by 2015”.

  • Second strategic goal, innovation, is "to develop two new Brands under Raj hospitality to manage apartment hotels and also to develop Pilgrimage based hotels in south India”.

  • The Third type of strategic goal, involves reductions in operational costs or increases in output.

  • The fourth type of strategic goal is the efficient use of physical assets and financial resources, such as human resources.

  • The fifth type of strategic goal involves the organization's profits and is usually defined in terms of return on assets or market value of stocks.

  • Management development and performance is the sixth type of strategic goal, which concerns the conduct of managers as well as their continuing development. An example of this type of strategic goal is "to increase the number of hours offered in management training courses by 15 percent over the next year."

  • The seventh type of strategic goal addresses the conduct of employees, as well as the concern for their attitudes and performance. An example of this type of strategic goal is "to reduce staff turnover by 12 percent over the next two years."

  • Finally, the eighth type of strategic goal is concerned with the public and social responsibility of the organization. These types of goals might be concerned with reducing pollution or contributing to different charities.

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