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Building strong owner relationships that set our system apart

We work with owners throughout the country. They are our business colleagues and our greatest strength. We will work with you to obtain the best contract arrangement for your hotel. We offer two types of contracts: franchise agreements (or licenses) and management contracts. All of our brands can be franchised. Our equations are that more than 85% of our hotels will operate under franchise agreement; and manage an additional 14% of our properties. Because we will own less than 1% of our portfolio, it's easy to see why our owners become the true representation and embodiment of the RHMC brands.

Management Contracts

RHMC has been operating hotels for over 30 years and management contract offering is available to owners in many markets around the country. By hiring RHMC to operate your property, each hotel is paired with a team of professionals who know our brands inside and out, and know how to best leverage the RHMC system. We’ll help you navigate the complicated pre-opening process. When your hotel is up and running, our staff will infuse the hotel with the warmth and professionalism that separates our hotels from the rest. With the trusted RHMC name and our management’s history of high performance, each owner can be sure their hotel is in the right hands.

Franchise Agreements

RHMC has a lot to offer our franchisees. We are an emerging player in the domestic market, with a targeted focus on building great hospitality brands. RHMC’s benefits include our global network, integrated distribution and technology channels, and award winning directors. We also offer personalized support and training initiatives to fine tune your hotel for peak performance.

In the hospitality business, you know you're doing something right when people keep coming back to you. The same goes for franchising: many of our franchisees may have license agreements for more than one RHMC hotel. We like to hear that franchisees enjoy working with us because we know that our sucess rests in the relationships we form with owners. Franchise agreements are an option through- out the country with pipelines in Africa and Middle East. With more than 50 man years in the industry, RHMC has mastered the model, working with quality owners who can uphold the highest standards of quality service.

Development Project Types
A program for every project type

At RHMC, we tailor our project support to each owner and each project. Whether you’re interested in a new build, conversion, adaptive reuse, or mixed-use opportunity, we can help. We’ll develop a fast and efficient process that matches our experience in the global market with the personal vision you have for your hotel.

From the ground up with new builds

Take a look at RHMC’S flexible models that put your vision at the center of design. Each project is site, market and design specific, so your development gets the focus it deserves. RHMC brand standards keeps your hotel in tune with strategy, accessing consumer insights and maximizing market opportunity. You can also take advantage of our pre-designed, award winning prototype concepts. These plans are the pinnacle of operational efficiency allowing you to make the most of every square foot while accelerating your development process and maximizing resources.

Raise a fresh flag with conversion

RHMC has the right brand for a diverse number of markets, and conversion is a proven model for our portfolio. Our property improvement planning and hotel opening processes work swiftly and efficiently to help you convert an existing environment into a RHMC hotel, complete with distinctive flair and unique offerings. Most importantly, RHMC helps to provide a smooth transition for the staff and property to deliver the RHMC experience, resulting in improved guest relations and overall hotel performance.

Redefine with adaptive reuse

Reinvigorate an architecturally unique building through an adaptive reuse project with RHMC. When the historic Udaya Samudra was converted in Kerala, God’s Own Country, designers were able to protect the integrity of the structure while adapting it to the hotel environment. RHMC works with owners to retrofit exceptional spaces to RHMC places.

Re-Imaging hotel investment with mixed use

Unlock real estate opportunities by adapting RHMC brands to mixed use development. Combine a hotel project with retail, residential, entertainment, commercial, or other land uses to drive real estate value. Any of our brands and project types can be adapted to the right combination of mixed use development projects. Take a look at how our flexible brand portfolio can be adapted to fit your next real estate opportunity.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to fill the Heart of Guests with the Light and warmth of hospitality, while our vision is to be the first choice of any hospitality promoters in India, building on the rich culture and heritage, and the strength of Raj Hospitality.